Due Diligence Toolkit

The essential guide for legal timber importing and processing

Why Make a Toolkit?

The AFA has prepared this guidance document to assist affected furniture, furnishing, cabinetry and components importers, manufacturers and distributors to understand and prepare the information necessary to meet the requirements of the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 (the Act) and the Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation 2012 (the Regulation).

Illegal Logging

Illegal logging is the equivalent of stealing logs. It is felling trees and extracting logs from a forest or plantation without the requisite approvals under the relevant laws of the country in which the forest or plantation in question is located.

Due Diligence

The Regulation requires that prior to importation all regulated timber products including furniture, furnishing, cabinetry and components and Australian grown raw logs that are locally processed undergo Due Diligence.

Case Studies

Case Studies provide an example of ways to perform Due Diligence to best suit the position you are in.


How The Toolkit Helps Businesses

“As an importer of locally processed wood, It’s important I provide valid documentation to my clients.” Anton Dipaolo

“As a small business owner, keeping up to date with the legislation determines the future of my businesses operations.” Helena Smith

“Searching for new exporters of legally logged wood product has been a daunting process in the past with much uncertainty. Since I’ve discovered the Due Diligence Toolkit, I’m now more confident in the whole process.” Frank Walters

“Sourcing legally complient wood product protects the Sustainable timber industry and prevents heavy fines.” Kathy Dipetta