Next week I  am excited to lead a delegation of Industry Leaders, Designers, Educators and Buyers to Malaysia for the EFE and MIFF 2017 events. Whilst my role will be to present on the importance of complying with Australian standards, testing, certification and legislation, the reality is that many Buyers will still unwillingly purchase sub-standard products for importation into Australia.

The importance of this visit will be reflected in the release of upcoming announcements of mandatory standards reviews for Cots and Bunks, the changes to the Illegal Logging andBicon legislation and emphasis on ACCC Product Recalls, which are all related to the importation of furniture and furnishings.

The fact of the matter is that we operate in a global trading environment, and, Australian businesses import products. It would be foolish to bury our heads in the sand and assume that Associations such as ours can only support Australian made products, when in fact, many of our Australian manufacturers are already importing components, supplies, or finished products themselves.

The AFA is taking a proactive approach to the issues facing Australian businesses, and most of these are related to price and competitiveness. Much of the work of the AFA is currently around compliance and submissions to governments’ to support the growth of Australian businesses.  Don’t ever assume that the AFA has abandoned Australian designers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

The work we do is to reinforce the quality of Australian products, the social environmental and economic value to Australia, the high standards that are world renowned and our precious natural timber resources.

The AFA in conjunction with the Malaysian Furniture Council has negotiated the delivery of Business Matching Sessions for Australian Buyers at these EFE and MIFF Events in March. The Business Matching service will provide planned and scheduled meetings to accommodate Australian Buyers and assist in ensuring that these buyers are buying from reputable international suppliers.

Don’t forget that if you import product, you are considered the manufacturer in the eyes of the law, so getting your supply chain right will help you to avoid any future legal ramifications. We look forward to being accompanied by numerous Australian companies who share our passion for a bright and vibrant Australian furnishing industry.

It is not too late to attend and you would like to avail yourselves of this EXCLUSIVE service please click here

AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli